Hinda was a different breed of state senator who combined a successful, if unconventional, career in business with an acute and sensitive appreciation of life’s spiritual dimension. It made her special in the rough and tumble of politics. And, to the surprise of many, it made her very effective. —Peter Welch, United States Congressman, Vermont

Hinda serves on the board of directors of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with integrity, thoughtfulness, and humor. She champions and enjoys the role of board steward of Corporate Social Responsibility and fully resonates with the purpose, principles, and culture of the company. —Larry Blanford, CEO, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Hinda Miller’s career is not limited by the usual boundaries. As both a businesswoman and a State Senator, she is familiar with both the worlds of the private and public sectors, which gives her a special perspective. —Madeleine Kunin, former Governor of Vermont and author of The New Feminist Agenda (Chelsea Green, 2012)

As a friend, mentor, and champion for entrepreneurs, Hinda never ceases to amaze me with her positive energy, pragmatic insights, boundless optimism on life, learning, sharing, and creating. Her experiences as a successful entrepreneur, key networker, and force for all things good in public policy will make this book a compelling personal discovery. —David Bradbury, President, Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies

Hinda, endowed with the mind and vision of an artist, creates opportunities for many to see possibility and the means of attaining a goal. —Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, founder and spiritual director of Sunray Peace Village, Lincoln VT

Pearls of a Sultana
"What I've learned
about business, politics
and the human spirit."
Hinda MillerHinda Miller
founder of the Sultanas

Hinda Miller

Hinda Miller integrates the business, politics and the human spirit elements in her life to encourage other Sultanas to share their own pearls of wisdom, passion and inspiration.


Business: A successful entrepreneur, she co-created the original Jogbra sportsbra in 1977 and co-founded Champion/ Jogbra Inc., a pioneer in the design and marketing of women’s athletic wear.

Politics: A VT State Senator for 10 years, she worked in sustainable economies and complementary health care.

Human Spirit: An ongoing student/teacher of Yoga and Kabbalah, she honors the inner journey.